Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
little_mac icon
Otherworldly None -
link icon cloud icon
Advanced A lot -
greninja icon lucario icon toon_link icon
Beginner None -
mr_game_and_watch icon mario icon
Doing okay None -
kirby icon inkling icon
Intermediate None -
Sardi Krew | Paul
meta_knight icon
Intermediate A little -
HVMD | Ghreman
fox icon
Doing okay None -
cloud icon joker icon
Beginner None -
mr | FancyPotatOS
dark_pit icon young_link icon falco icon
Doing okay Some -
Phantom D
ness icon sora icon
Doing okay Some -
pokemon_trainer icon sephiroth icon zero_suit_samus icon
Intermediate A little -
Lag Gang | BRZ_Bald
byleth icon cloud icon corrin icon
Intermediate None -
Bonanza | Dugna
corrin icon ness icon
Intermediate None -
IS | Buonalapasta
diddy_kong icon
Intermediate A large amount -
young_link icon king_k_rool icon
Beginner None -
terry icon snake icon
Doing okay Some -
pikachu icon pit icon greninja icon
Advanced Some -
mario icon
Beginner None -
luigi icon yoshi icon
Advanced Some -
king_k_rool icon
Expert Some -
fox icon cloud icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Advanced A lot -
AMS | Ben97
pyra_and_mythra icon mario icon dark_pit icon
Intermediate Some -
kirby icon snake icon ridley icon
Doing okay A lot -
lucina icon pyra_and_mythra icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Doing okay A lot -
mega_man icon bowser_jr icon
Advanced Some -
steve icon mario icon sora icon
Expert None -
yoshi icon yoshi icon yoshi icon
Advanced None -
MC | Gandix
ness icon
Professional A large amount -
snake icon
Otherworldly A large amount -
Br. Ba. Guys | walter white
kirby icon king_k_rool icon samus icon
Doing okay A little -
JS | J5 | SkydenKou
snake icon wolf icon roy icon
Intermediate A lot -
Br. Ba. Guys | FrinGus
kazuya icon captain_falcon icon roy icon
Doing okay A little -
Br. Ba. Guys | SauloBuonuomo
sora icon random icon
Doing okay A little -
HLF | b00bs
pit icon falco icon roy icon
Advanced A large amount -
HLF | Claude
byleth icon joker icon
Intermediate Some -
Smashhub | Deadangel
rob icon young_link icon
Expert A lot -
HVMD | Hemsey
captain_falcon icon roy icon
Intermediate A little -
CasaRolly | D.I.B.L.
shulk icon rob icon
Advanced A lot -
sora icon pyra_and_mythra icon isabelle icon
Noob A lot -
CDSS | Rigel
samus icon
Noob Some -
pikachu icon lucas icon ice_climbers icon
Doing okay Some -
kazuya icon kazuya icon kazuya icon
Doing okay Some -
pichu icon zelda icon
Doing okay A lot -
pokemon_trainer icon diddy_kong icon cloud icon
Beginner Some -
rob icon mii_swordfighter icon
Doing okay Some -
daisy icon piranha_plant icon
Doing okay Some -
AMS | Chrono256
samus icon isabelle icon snake icon
Intermediate A lot -
sephiroth icon snake icon
Doing okay A little -
incineroar icon incineroar icon incineroar icon
Doing okay None -
HLF | Raiser
yoshi icon mewtwo icon sora icon
Advanced None -
Gamer tag Region Age Gender Comment
little_mac icon Rio tuscany image Tuscany 16 Male
link icon EdgyKing emilia-romagna image Emilia-Romagna 19 Male
greninja icon RiotRiolu! campania image Campania 13 Male Forza Napoli
mr_game_and_watch icon CRHIX lombardy image Lombardy 16 Male
kirby icon CCLuzzo lombardy image Lombardy 16 Male Imagine thinking
meta_knight icon Sardi Krew | Paul sardinia image Sardinia 14 Male ⚠️WARNING, This user is currently being investigated by t...
fox icon HVMD | Ghreman tuscany image Tuscany 22 Male
cloud icon AlVa veneto image Veneto 23 Male No Steve = Yes Party
dark_pit icon mr | FancyPotatOS abruzzo image Abruzzo 22 Male
ness icon Phantom D sardinia image Sardinia 16 Male
pokemon_trainer icon Scalzuan lombardy image Lombardy 21 Male Devo gitguddare ma non so come cabbo fare
byleth icon Lag Gang | BRZ_Bald lombardy image Lombardy 17 Male
corrin icon Bonanza | Dugna lombardy image Lombardy 22 Male
diddy_kong icon IS | Buonalapasta 25 Male
young_link icon Stillicho lazio image Lazio 18 Male
terry icon Raicuta campania image Campania 23 Male Best Terry Bagnoli
pikachu icon OrangeFury tuscany image Tuscany 31 Male
mario icon Cassie lombardy image Lombardy 25 Female
luigi icon Shish tuscany image Tuscany 21 Male
king_k_rool icon Ghostsplat tuscany image Tuscany 18 Male
fox icon Sadler sardinia image Sardinia 27 Male
pyra_and_mythra icon AMS | Ben97 sicily image Sicily 16 Male È bio la mia bio?
kirby icon Vinsoskij apulia image Apulia 21 Other Mena che non ne hai amici
lucina icon Gungnir sicily image Sicily 26 Male
mega_man icon Pato lombardy image Lombardy 21 Male
steve icon luckyblock lombardy image Lombardy 19 Male Steve Main⚒️
yoshi icon PHX | PHX lazio image Lazio 21 Male
ness icon MC | Gandix marche image Marche 26 Male
snake icon Cromo lazio image Lazio Male
kirby icon Br. Ba. Guys | walter white lazio image Lazio My name is Walter Hartwell White. I live at 308 Negra Aro...
snake icon JS | J5 | SkydenKou lazio image Lazio 23 Woooooo
kazuya icon Br. Ba. Guys | FrinGus lazio image Lazio Male Plin plin plon, plin plon plin, plin plon.
sora icon Br. Ba. Guys | SauloBuonuomo lazio image Lazio Male “Se ni’ mondo esistesse un po’ di bene e ognun si honsid...
pit icon HLF | b00bs apulia image Apulia 25 Male
byleth icon HLF | Claude apulia image Apulia 19 Male Skill Issue
rob icon Smashhub | Deadangel emilia-romagna image Emilia-Romagna 23 Male Il giocatore piú matto e pazzoide
captain_falcon icon HVMD | Hemsey tuscany image Tuscany 26 Male
shulk icon CasaRolly | D.I.B.L. piemont image Piemont 21 Male
sora icon Gianshulka piemont image Piemont 29 Male
samus icon CDSS | Rigel sardinia image Sardinia 20 Male La fissione nucleare è una reazione nucleare in cui il nu...
pikachu icon JstPlink emilia-romagna image Emilia-Romagna 25 Male
kazuya icon GA apulia image Apulia 19 Male
pichu icon Giolti lombardy image Lombardy 25 Female
pokemon_trainer icon Bencio emilia-romagna image Emilia-Romagna 30 Male
rob icon Taylor tuscany image Tuscany 16 Male Taylor?
daisy icon Extrick emilia-romagna image Emilia-Romagna 21 Male Norc with guns
samus icon AMS | Chrono256 sicily image Sicily 34 Male Viva Gesù
sephiroth icon Peppiniell apulia image Apulia 21 Male
incineroar icon Faux apulia image Apulia 25 Male
yoshi icon HLF | Raiser apulia image Apulia 24 Male
Gamer tag Roles
little_mac icon Rio Player
link icon EdgyKing Player Streamer
greninja icon RiotRiolu! Player
mr_game_and_watch icon CRHIX Player
kirby icon CCLuzzo Player Team manager
meta_knight icon Sardi Krew | Paul Player Team manager
fox icon HVMD | Ghreman Player
cloud icon AlVa Player Streamer
dark_pit icon mr | FancyPotatOS Player
ness icon Phantom D Player
pokemon_trainer icon Scalzuan Player
byleth icon Lag Gang | BRZ_Bald Player Team manager
corrin icon Bonanza | Dugna Player
diddy_kong icon IS | Buonalapasta Player
young_link icon Stillicho Player
terry icon Raicuta Player TO
pikachu icon OrangeFury Player
mario icon Cassie Player
luigi icon Shish Player
king_k_rool icon Ghostsplat Player
fox icon Sadler Player TO
pyra_and_mythra icon AMS | Ben97 Player
kirby icon Vinsoskij Player
lucina icon Gungnir Caster Player Streamer
mega_man icon Pato Player
steve icon luckyblock Player
yoshi icon PHX | PHX Player
ness icon MC | Gandix Player
snake icon Cromo Player
kirby icon Br. Ba. Guys | walter white Player
snake icon JS | J5 | SkydenKou Player
kazuya icon Br. Ba. Guys | FrinGus Player
sora icon Br. Ba. Guys | SauloBuonuomo Player Team manager
pit icon HLF | b00bs Content creator Player Streamer
byleth icon HLF | Claude Player TO
rob icon Smashhub | Deadangel Player
captain_falcon icon HVMD | Hemsey Player
shulk icon CasaRolly | D.I.B.L. Player
sora icon Gianshulka Content creator Player TO
samus icon CDSS | Rigel Player Team manager
pikachu icon JstPlink Player
kazuya icon GA Player
pichu icon Giolti Player
pokemon_trainer icon Bencio Player
rob icon Taylor Player
daisy icon Extrick Caster Player Streamer
samus icon AMS | Chrono256 Player
sephiroth icon Peppiniell Player
incineroar icon Faux Player
yoshi icon HLF | Raiser Player
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