Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
joker icon byleth icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Doing okay A lot -
Lag Gang | Marco 17
sephiroth icon incineroar icon yoshi icon
Doing okay Some -
inkling icon wario icon
Otherworldly A large amount -
Stoners | Jack
terry icon donkey_kong icon
Noob A little -
ike icon corrin icon wolf icon
Intermediate A lot -
little_mac icon
Doing okay Some -
AMS | Forze
rob icon
Expert A large amount -
ICON | Final Mix
isabelle icon corrin icon
Intermediate Some -
dr_mario icon duck_hunt icon young_link icon
Intermediate Some -
ICON | Moon
bayonetta icon corrin icon
Intermediate Some -
ToS | DxK
mii_swordfighter icon yoshi icon
Noob Some -
kirby icon
Noob Some -
pyra_and_mythra icon zero_suit_samus icon steve icon
Intermediate A lot -
ToS | Crowind
sephiroth icon donkey_kong icon lucina icon
Intermediate A large amount -
sonic icon
Intermediate None -
mario icon cloud icon
Expert A large amount -
pichu icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Doing okay Some -
random icon pokemon_trainer icon cloud icon
Advanced None -
greninja icon lucario icon pikachu icon
Advanced A large amount -
isabelle icon marth icon byleth icon
Expert A large amount -
king_dedede icon sonic icon olimar icon
Noob Some -
mr_game_and_watch icon marth icon ganondorf icon
Intermediate None -
Pubblicate il sit...
sonic icon samus icon shulk icon
Beginner None -
Ealot Van Zieks
joker icon byleth icon
Advanced None -
king_dedede icon banjo_and_kazooie icon incineroar icon
Advanced A large amount -
little_mac icon
Otherworldly A large amount -
Gamer tag Region Age Gender Comment
joker icon Pelli lazio image Lazio 19 Other Hirasawa yui
sephiroth icon Lag Gang | Marco 17 lombardy image Lombardy 17 Male Meme expert
inkling icon Porké sicily image Sicily 21 Male Chi sei Goku non lo sai
terry icon Stoners | Jack lazio image Lazio 19 Male Sex
ike icon Elissia piemont image Piemont 27 Female ike verde
little_mac icon Her0 campania image Campania 21 Male
rob icon AMS | Forze sicily image Sicily 20 Male
isabelle icon ICON | Final Mix lombardy image Lombardy 17 Male Amogus
dr_mario icon Olaf veneto image Veneto 37 Male pantalones giganticus
bayonetta icon ICON | Moon campania image Campania 16 Male
mii_swordfighter icon ToS | DxK tuscany image Tuscany 23 Male Devo trovarmi un secondario
kirby icon Yashi marche image Marche 21 Male
pyra_and_mythra icon Burzof liguria image Liguria 21 Male
sephiroth icon ToS | Crowind tuscany image Tuscany 29 Other
sonic icon Supah apulia image Apulia 16 Male Chi di spada ferisce odio palermo
mario icon Mapiz emilia-romagna image Emilia-Romagna 24 Male Ayo
pichu icon Queeda liguria image Liguria Male
random icon Mettyu apulia image Apulia 26 Male skill issue
greninja icon Oshawott2206 tuscany image Tuscany 19 Male Futuro #1 al Mondo
isabelle icon Draglen lombardy image Lombardy 27 Male
king_dedede icon DDDStroyer emilia-romagna image Emilia-Romagna 19 Male
mr_game_and_watch icon Net veneto image Veneto 16 Male L'urlo del sium
sonic icon Pubblicate il sit...
joker icon Ealot Van Zieks campania image Campania 18 Male
king_dedede icon Picone lazio image Lazio 26 Male Organizzatore principale di eventi a Roma Coordinatore d...
little_mac icon Midoriss emilia-romagna image Emilia-Romagna Male
Gamer tag Roles
joker icon Pelli Player
sephiroth icon Lag Gang | Marco 17 Player Team manager
inkling icon Porké Community editor Player TO
terry icon Stoners | Jack Player
ike icon Elissia Player
little_mac icon Her0 Player
rob icon AMS | Forze Player
isabelle icon ICON | Final Mix Player
dr_mario icon Olaf Player TO
bayonetta icon ICON | Moon Player
mii_swordfighter icon ToS | DxK Caster Player
kirby icon Yashi Player
pyra_and_mythra icon Burzof Player
sephiroth icon ToS | Crowind Caster Designer Player Team manager TO
sonic icon Supah Content creator Player
mario icon Mapiz Player
pichu icon Queeda Player
random icon Mettyu Content creator Player Streamer
greninja icon Oshawott2206 Player
isabelle icon Draglen Player TO
king_dedede icon DDDStroyer Player
mr_game_and_watch icon Net Player
sonic icon Pubblicate il sit... Player
joker icon Ealot Van Zieks Player
king_dedede icon Picone Community editor Player TO
little_mac icon Midoriss Admin Caster Player TO
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