Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
fum0 Otherworldly A large amount -
byleth icon dr_mario icon zero_suit_samus icon
Doing okay A large amount -
ike icon bowser icon daisy icon
Professional None -
mega_man icon olimar icon mii_brawler icon
Intermediate A lot -
little_mac icon
Otherworldly A large amount -
falco icon mewtwo icon
Noob A large amount -
IS | CristOK
sheik icon palutena icon yoshi icon
Doing okay Some -
casarolly | rolly
bowser_jr icon ridley icon bowser_jr icon
Intermediate A large amount -
little_mac icon
Intermediate A large amount -
lucina icon pyra_and_mythra icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Doing okay A lot -
piranha_plant icon piranha_plant icon
Doing okay Some -
roy icon greninja icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Intermediate A lot -
lucina icon wolf icon roy icon
Advanced A lot -
ToS | DxK
mii_swordfighter icon yoshi icon
Noob Some -
ToS | Crowind
sephiroth icon donkey_kong icon lucina icon
Intermediate A large amount -
jigglypuff icon lucina icon villager icon
Doing okay A large amount -
Gamer tag Region Age Gender Comment
byleth icon Gimuz emilia-romagna image Emilia-Romagna 24 Male Amo i Pokemon
ike icon Ryng™ umbria image Umbria 25 Male Il mio curriculum da Smasher comprende: - Uno dei miglio...
mega_man icon Geoffo emilia-romagna image Emilia-Romagna 23 Male Ehi Milano Rrrr Yah Io sono Italia, io sono mafia ...
little_mac icon Midoriss emilia-romagna image Emilia-Romagna Male
falco icon Deerd333 piemont image Piemont 23 Male La Santa Inquisizione
sheik icon IS | CristOK sardinia image Sardinia 22 Male #TogliamoTwitteragliSteveMain
bowser_jr icon casarolly | rolly liguria image Liguria 20 Other caster che ci prova. player che ci prova. ritardato c...
little_mac icon Amarillo emilia-romagna image Emilia-Romagna 26 Male
lucina icon Gungnir sicily image Sicily 26 Male
piranha_plant icon Extrick emilia-romagna image Emilia-Romagna 21 Male Norc with guns
roy icon Xentor lombardy image Lombardy 24 Male
lucina icon Voix piemont image Piemont 23 Male
mii_swordfighter icon ToS | DxK tuscany image Tuscany 23 Male Devo trovarmi un secondario
sephiroth icon ToS | Crowind tuscany image Tuscany 29 Other
jigglypuff icon UHUHAHAAAH | Cenciu lazio image Lazio 26 Male Mai fatto 0-2 nei Major in 3 giochi diversi. 5 con i sid...
Gamer tag Roles
Coach Player TO
byleth icon Gimuz Coach Player Streamer TO
ike icon Ryng™ Coach Content creator Player Streamer TO
mega_man icon Geoffo Caster Player Team manager TO
little_mac icon Midoriss Admin Caster Player TO
falco icon Deerd333 Caster Player TO
sheik icon IS | CristOK Caster Player TO
bowser_jr icon casarolly | rolly Caster Player Team manager
little_mac icon Amarillo Caster Player Streamer TO
lucina icon Gungnir Caster Player Streamer
piranha_plant icon Extrick Caster Player Streamer
roy icon Xentor Caster Player
lucina icon Voix Caster Player
mii_swordfighter icon ToS | DxK Caster Player
sephiroth icon ToS | Crowind Caster Designer Player Team manager TO
jigglypuff icon UHUHAHAAAH | Cenciu Caster Content creator Designer Photographer Player Streamer Team manager TO
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