Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
JS | LupoMavericK
sephiroth icon cloud icon samus icon
Doing okay A large amount -
Kolla Otherworldly A large amount -
ganondorf icon
Noob A large amount -
king_dedede icon banjo_and_kazooie icon incineroar icon
Advanced A large amount -
RS | Monald
kazuya icon steve icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Expert Some -
terry icon snake icon
Doing okay Some -
DD | Gionno
incineroar icon kazuya icon
Intermediate A large amount -
fox icon cloud icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Advanced A lot -
HLF | Claude
byleth icon joker icon
Intermediate Some -
HLF | MikiLink
sora icon bayonetta icon snake icon
Advanced A large amount -
Solid Expert A large amount -
samus icon dark_samus icon
Expert A lot -
mewtwo icon young_link icon
Doing okay Some -
yoshi icon
Otherworldly A large amount -
palutena icon ryu icon
Beginner None -
AMS | Retribis
rob icon joker icon bowser icon
Intermediate A lot -
pikachu icon rosalina_and_luma icon
Doing okay Some -
zero_suit_samus icon ken icon lucina icon
Intermediate A large amount -
AMS | Lombra
ike icon byleth icon
Doing okay A large amount -
robin icon ganondorf icon
Doing okay A large amount -
ShS | ggentlemenn
ridley icon
Intermediate A lot -
jigglypuff icon
Otherworldly A large amount -
MC | Tiger
palutena icon roy icon ridley icon
Intermediate A large amount -
rosalina_and_luma icon
Doing okay Some -
ken icon young_link icon inkling icon
Doing okay A lot -
dr_mario icon duck_hunt icon young_link icon
Intermediate Some -
isabelle icon marth icon byleth icon
Expert A large amount -
PC | Ixumy
king_dedede icon inkling icon piranha_plant icon
Doing okay Some -
Sardi Krew | PaulPetta
meta_knight icon
Intermediate A little -
Lag Gang | BRZ_Bald
byleth icon robin icon corrin icon
Intermediate None -
kirby icon inkling icon
Intermediate None -
Br. Ba. Guys | SauloBuonuomo
palutena icon sora icon
Doing okay A little -
CDSS | Rigel
rob icon
Noob Some -
Lag Gang | Marco 17
sephiroth icon incineroar icon yoshi icon
Doing okay Some -
ryu icon ken icon terry icon
Otherworldly A little -
AMS | Shinbur
mario icon diddy_kong icon sheik icon
Intermediate A lot -
wario icon palutena icon
Beginner Some -
mr_game_and_watch icon king_k_rool icon
Intermediate A lot -
link icon cloud icon
Advanced A lot -
king_k_rool icon
Advanced Some -
cloud icon joker icon
Beginner None -
kazuya icon sephiroth icon terry icon
Expert A large amount -
banjo_and_kazooie icon shulk icon yoshi icon
Intermediate A lot -
sheik icon jigglypuff icon
Otherworldly Some -
ness icon roy icon
Professional A lot -
HE HE HE HAw | Sky(TG23)
mr_game_and_watch icon
Doing okay Some -
cloud icon
Intermediate Some -
incineroar icon
Intermediate Some -
MC | Raffobaffo
joker icon
Intermediate Some -
HLF | metasaint
mega_man icon ryu icon
Noob A lot -
Gamer tag Region Age Gender Comment
sephiroth icon JS | LupoMavericK lazio image Lazio 24 Male Main T.O. Jupiter Smash & SBIT Online League • Sound Prod...
emilia-romagna image Emilia-Romagna melee <3
ganondorf icon IO marche image Marche 29 Male 27/M
king_dedede icon Picone lazio image Lazio 27 Male Organizzatore principale di eventi a Roma Coordinatore d...
kazuya icon RS | Monald abruzzo image Abruzzo 22 Male
terry icon Raicuta campania image Campania 24 Male Best Terry Bagnoli
incineroar icon DD | Gionno sardinia image Sardinia 24 Male 🍦Bing 🥶 Chilling🍦
fox icon Sadler sardinia image Sardinia 28 Male
byleth icon HLF | Claude apulia image Apulia 20 Male Skill Issue
sora icon HLF | MikiLink apulia image Apulia 27 Male Ex Main TO Pugliese, tutt'ora do una mano per gestire la ...
sardinia image Sardinia 20 Male Ciao gioco a Melee :D
samus icon EpatiteLosca lazio image Lazio 19 Male Non ho palle abbastanza abbastanza grandi per cambiar cit...
mewtwo icon Genga emilia-romagna image Emilia-Romagna 27 Male Piscio seduto nessuno mi accoltellerà alle spalle
stocchi veneto image Veneto Male Meleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
palutena icon Gallax marche image Marche 25 Male
rob icon AMS | Retribis sicily image Sicily 23 Other grug,
pikachu icon Bless campania image Campania 23 Male
zero_suit_samus icon Arima sicily image Sicily 23
ike icon AMS | Lombra emilia-romagna image Emilia-Romagna /fwd ruota
robin icon Clouddo lombardy image Lombardy 22 Male
ridley icon ShS | ggentlemenn campania image Campania 21 Male sono un pagliaccio che usa ridley
jigglypuff icon LorenzoMS friuli_venezia_giulia image Friuli Venezia Giulia 27 Male sono zante
palutena icon MC | Tiger marche image Marche 26 Male
rosalina_and_luma icon Mikee lombardy image Lombardy 26 Male
ken icon Wavelight sicily image Sicily 21 Male
dr_mario icon Olaf veneto image Veneto 38 Male pantalones giganticus
isabelle icon Draglen lombardy image Lombardy 28 Male
king_dedede icon PC | Ixumy piemont image Piemont 28 Other
meta_knight icon Sardi Krew | PaulPetta sardinia image Sardinia 15 Male ⚠️WARNING, This user is currently being investigated by t...
byleth icon Lag Gang | BRZ_Bald lombardy image Lombardy 18 Male
kirby icon CCLuzzo lombardy image Lombardy 17 Male Imagine thinking
palutena icon Br. Ba. Guys | SauloBuonuomo lazio image Lazio Male “Se ni’ mondo esistesse un po’ di bene e ognun si honsid...
rob icon CDSS | Rigel sardinia image Sardinia 21 Male La fissione nucleare è una reazione nucleare in cui il nu...
sephiroth icon Lag Gang | Marco 17 lombardy image Lombardy 18 Male Meme expert
ryu icon yesuz sardinia image Sardinia 23 Male
mario icon AMS | Shinbur sicily image Sicily 21
wario icon Burglur umbria image Umbria 30 Male
mr_game_and_watch icon Ndrept tuscany image Tuscany 32 Male E bomb(?)
link icon EdgyKing emilia-romagna image Emilia-Romagna 20 Male I will be the best smasher ever
king_k_rool icon Just_Andy piemont image Piemont 20 Male Canale YouTube: Just_Andy
cloud icon AlVa veneto image Veneto 24 Male No Steve = Yes Party
kazuya icon Relakiin lazio image Lazio 24 Male
banjo_and_kazooie icon KennyOrnitorinco umbria image Umbria 22 Male
sheik icon Cherry campania image Campania 27 Male Gioco a Melee!
ness icon y0lT lombardy image Lombardy 20 Male 18. he/him. Ness/Roy main. Italian and Dominican. New-Yol...
mr_game_and_watch icon HE HE HE HAw | Sky(TG23) lazio image Lazio 19 Male
cloud icon Rio-ST tuscany image Tuscany 24 Male Vediamo cosa esce fuori
incineroar icon VI lombardy image Lombardy 21 Male
joker icon MC | Raffobaffo marche image Marche 17 Male top 1 ita eccomi :D
mega_man icon HLF | metasaint apulia image Apulia 31 Male
Gamer tag Roles
sephiroth icon JS | LupoMavericK Community editor TO
ganondorf icon IO Content creator Player TO
king_dedede icon Picone Community editor Player TO
kazuya icon RS | Monald Player TO
terry icon Raicuta Player TO
incineroar icon DD | Gionno Player TO
fox icon Sadler Player TO
byleth icon HLF | Claude Player TO
sora icon HLF | MikiLink Player TO
Player TO
samus icon EpatiteLosca Player TO
mewtwo icon Genga Player TO
stocchi Player TO
palutena icon Gallax Player TO
rob icon AMS | Retribis Player TO
pikachu icon Bless Player TO
zero_suit_samus icon Arima Player TO
ike icon AMS | Lombra Player TO
robin icon Clouddo Player TO
ridley icon ShS | ggentlemenn Player TO
jigglypuff icon LorenzoMS Player TO
palutena icon MC | Tiger Player TO
rosalina_and_luma icon Mikee Player TO
ken icon Wavelight Player TO
dr_mario icon Olaf Player TO
isabelle icon Draglen Player TO
king_dedede icon PC | Ixumy Player Team manager TO
meta_knight icon Sardi Krew | PaulPetta Player Team manager
byleth icon Lag Gang | BRZ_Bald Player Team manager
kirby icon CCLuzzo Player Team manager
palutena icon Br. Ba. Guys | SauloBuonuomo Player Team manager
rob icon CDSS | Rigel Player Team manager
sephiroth icon Lag Gang | Marco 17 Player Team manager
ryu icon yesuz Player Team manager
mario icon AMS | Shinbur Player Streamer TO
wario icon Burglur Content creator Player Streamer
mr_game_and_watch icon Ndrept Caster Player Streamer
link icon EdgyKing Player Streamer
king_k_rool icon Just_Andy Player Streamer
cloud icon AlVa Player Streamer
kazuya icon Relakiin Player Streamer
banjo_and_kazooie icon KennyOrnitorinco Player Streamer
sheik icon Cherry Player Streamer
ness icon y0lT Player Streamer
mr_game_and_watch icon HE HE HE HAw | Sky(TG23) Player Streamer
cloud icon Rio-ST Player Streamer
incineroar icon VI Photographer Player
joker icon MC | Raffobaffo Designer Player Streamer TO
mega_man icon HLF | metasaint Designer Player
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