Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
incineroar icon incineroar icon incineroar icon
Doing okay None -
HLF | metasaint
mega_man icon ryu icon
Noob A lot -
kazuya icon pyra_and_mythra icon ganondorf icon
Noob Some -
pokemon_trainer icon diddy_kong icon cloud icon
Beginner Some -
sora icon pyra_and_mythra icon isabelle icon
Noob A lot -
CasaRolly | D.I.B.L.
shulk icon rob icon
Advanced A lot -
kazuya icon kazuya icon kazuya icon
Doing okay Some -
HVMD | Hemsey
captain_falcon icon roy icon
Intermediate A little -
pikachu icon lucas icon ice_climbers icon
Doing okay Some -
HLF | b00bs
pit icon falco icon roy icon
Advanced A large amount -
pichu icon zelda icon
Doing okay A lot -
MC | Gandix
ness icon
Professional A large amount -
yoshi icon yoshi icon yoshi icon
Advanced None -
little_mac icon
Otherworldly A large amount -
lucina icon pyra_and_mythra icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Doing okay A lot -
fox icon cloud icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Advanced A lot -
king_k_rool icon
Expert Some -
donkey_kong icon banjo_and_kazooie icon
Beginner None -
luigi icon yoshi icon
Advanced Some -
mario icon
Beginner None -
pikachu icon pit icon greninja icon
Advanced Some -
young_link icon king_k_rool icon
Beginner None -
IS | Buonalapasta
diddy_kong icon
Intermediate A large amount -
Bonanza | Dugna
corrin icon ness icon
Intermediate None -
sonic icon mii_brawler icon fox icon
Beginner None -
Lag Gang | BRZ_Bald
byleth icon cloud icon corrin icon
Intermediate None -
Phantom D
ness icon sora icon
Doing okay Some -
mr | FancyPotatOS
dark_pit icon young_link icon falco icon
Doing okay Some -
HVMD | Ghreman
fox icon
Doing okay None -
mr_game_and_watch icon mario icon
Doing okay None -
Gamer tag Region Age Gender Comment
incineroar icon Faux apulia image Apulia 25 Male
mega_man icon HLF | metasaint apulia image Apulia 30 Male
kazuya icon Bruno marche image Marche Other
pokemon_trainer icon Bencio emilia-romagna image Emilia-Romagna 30 Male
sora icon Gianshulka piemont image Piemont 29 Male
shulk icon CasaRolly | D.I.B.L. piemont image Piemont 21 Male
kazuya icon GA apulia image Apulia 19 Male
captain_falcon icon HVMD | Hemsey tuscany image Tuscany 26 Male
pikachu icon JstPlink emilia-romagna image Emilia-Romagna 25 Male
pit icon HLF | b00bs apulia image Apulia 25 Male
pichu icon Giolti lombardy image Lombardy 25 Female
ness icon MC | Gandix marche image Marche 26 Male
yoshi icon PHX | PHX lazio image Lazio 21 Male
little_mac icon Midoriss emilia-romagna image Emilia-Romagna Male
lucina icon Gungnir sicily image Sicily 26 Male
fox icon Sadler sardinia image Sardinia 27 Male
king_k_rool icon Ghostsplat tuscany image Tuscany 18 Male
donkey_kong icon Snakemann sicily image Sicily 28 Male
luigi icon Shish tuscany image Tuscany 21 Male
mario icon Cassie lombardy image Lombardy 25 Female
pikachu icon OrangeFury tuscany image Tuscany 31 Male
young_link icon Stillicho lazio image Lazio 18 Male
diddy_kong icon IS | Buonalapasta 25 Male
corrin icon Bonanza | Dugna lombardy image Lombardy 22 Male
sonic icon GFerra sicily image Sicily 15 Male
byleth icon Lag Gang | BRZ_Bald lombardy image Lombardy 17 Male
ness icon Phantom D sardinia image Sardinia 16 Male
dark_pit icon mr | FancyPotatOS abruzzo image Abruzzo 22 Male
fox icon HVMD | Ghreman tuscany image Tuscany 22 Male
mr_game_and_watch icon CRHIX lombardy image Lombardy 16 Male
Gamer tag Roles
incineroar icon Faux Player
mega_man icon HLF | metasaint Designer Player
kazuya icon Bruno Player
pokemon_trainer icon Bencio Player
sora icon Gianshulka Content creator Player TO
shulk icon CasaRolly | D.I.B.L. Player
kazuya icon GA Player
captain_falcon icon HVMD | Hemsey Player
pikachu icon JstPlink Player
pit icon HLF | b00bs Content creator Player Streamer
pichu icon Giolti Player
ness icon MC | Gandix Player
yoshi icon PHX | PHX Player
little_mac icon Midoriss Admin Caster Player TO
lucina icon Gungnir Caster Player Streamer
fox icon Sadler Player TO
king_k_rool icon Ghostsplat Player
donkey_kong icon Snakemann Player
luigi icon Shish Player
mario icon Cassie Player
pikachu icon OrangeFury Player
young_link icon Stillicho Player
diddy_kong icon IS | Buonalapasta Player
corrin icon Bonanza | Dugna Player
sonic icon GFerra Player
byleth icon Lag Gang | BRZ_Bald Player Team manager
ness icon Phantom D Player
dark_pit icon mr | FancyPotatOS Player
fox icon HVMD | Ghreman Player
mr_game_and_watch icon CRHIX Player
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